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JVC X EYE Picture issues from both video outs, CD & carts.


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The console displays everything like the images and video here: https://imgur.com/a/ImyLngK

It will sometimes display the image correctly with no issues but most of the time it looks something like the mess in the link above. Anyone know what the issue could be? Every once in a while it shows the image fine and plays flawlessly. It does it for both video outs, carts & CD's, including the JVC CD start screen. 

Here are some pics of the cd board as well - as far as I can tell it's in pretty good shape. https://imgur.com/a/XzuEcNQ

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Upon further inspection, there is some corrosion on this https://console5.com/techwiki/images/2/2a/LC89513K.pdf (image in the second imgur link above) 

Edit: that unfortunately was not the issue. Cleaned it up a bit on that corrosion spot but still the same issue

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16 minutes ago, acromite53 said:

The only suggestion I can give is give a good look for broken traces. Especially since you mentioned there being corrosion. I did fix an X eye by repairing a broken trace on the motherboard. It was tiny so look closely. Of course your issue could be plenty of other things. Good luck!

I'll try to look more detailed for them. What I think it is is the abad VRAM or a faulty VDP. Especially since the graphical corruption is on the built-in CD BIOS as well, not just when playing a game. Unfortunately if it's one of those that is the culprit that's a bit above my pay grade for a repair job 😞

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