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FO: Schotz Technology W102 Wireless Transmitter/Receiver (The very first wireless audio system.)


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I honestly have no clue where to value this so just shoot me any reasonable offer.  I found this in great shape at my local Salvation Army and, quite frankly, I was shocked to find it there.

This is a Shotz Technology Recoton W102 Wireless Transmitter and with single Receiver.  Both items really are in excellent shape and the transmitter even has the thin peel-off plastic cover that everyone likes to make video/gifs of as they are being peeled off.

I couldn't find much about this unit but, supposedly, it is the first wireless audio transmitter/receiver system and this specific unit was manufactured around 1989.  More modern reviews from audio forums have said that the audio quality is sub-par, but these units have value for their history and, supposedly, the components with in it are a bit valuable for cannibalizing, but I honestly don't know which components those would be since there were no tubes in these devices.

Anyway, feel free to shoot me an offer.  I'll try to add photos soon.

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