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PSP Problem - There is no memory stick inserted/memory stick not recognized. How to fix this


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I know I’m not the only one who has experienced the problem of their PSP not recognizing their memory stick. I had a memory stick that was working and I could save my games to it. Then one day it decided to stop working and I’d get the message “There is no memory stick inserted”. I couldn’t save any game or load any of my saves. So naturally I turned to the internet for a solution. My PSP is a PSP 3000. 

I tried all of these and NONE of them worked. 

  • Cleaned my memory stick contacts with rubbing alcohol. 
  • took out the memory stick and blew inside to get rid of any dust. 
  • insert the memory stick and push it farther in to see if it would get better contact. 
  • updated my psp’s software
  • put a small piece of paper with some tape on it onto the memory stick to make sure it wasn’t loose and would get better contact 
  • turned my psp fully on and off

there was only one thing left I hadn’t tried 

-buy a new memory stick.

my new memory stick came in the mail today. I popped it in and my psp immediately recognized it. So if you too are experiencing this problem and can’t save your games anymore, try buying a new memory stick. Simple solution that actually works. 

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