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Unscrupulous dropshipper led me to discover ASI Game Boy

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Well, I've been struck by a darned dropshipper (didn't have the merchandise, shipped something that was not in the picture at all). However, their choice of how to run a business led me to discover ASI region Game Boy games. I knew about CHN and a bunch of European like FAH, HOL, NOE, etc., but this is the first time I ever saw an ASI, which apparently pertains to Singapore releases. This is not what I wanted, so it is being returned tomorrow.

Maybe every GB fan knows about ASI, but I thought I'd leave some info about it. Here is a the TMNT 2 cart. The label is stamped. What really surprised me is the board is not a glob-top like CHN carts. Even more weird is the code on the ROM is TTE, which is the same as the American cart for English. I guess they just slap that inside carts, if they aren't translating them.

It's pretty neat. I have some CHN stuff carts, boxes, etc.. I don't want ASI carts, so it's going back to the dropshipper who fooled me into thinking they weren't a dropshipper.

Here are pics of the cart, label stamp, and board. I tried inserting them, but no worky







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the ASI carts were also imported to Europe BTW.

i have the same one,
bought it around 1994 in my own country (The Netherlands)

i remember buying it while we were on holiday.

i currently have issues with my phone, so can't place photo's right now,
but the box has a sticker on it, saying it includes a Dutch manual.
paid 39,95 guilders for it back then, price sticker is still intact on the sadly flattened box 🙂


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