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FO: Random Homebrews and Reproductions

KHAN Games

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Hi everyone. I'm trying to do a little bit of de-cluttering, so I figured I'd offer some rare gems that I've acquired over the years. Not many people have seen some of this stuff, but I figured I'd reach into the vaults and give you guys an opportunity. Hopefully they can go to a good home.

Any reasonable offer will be considered! I'm not looking to make a fortune off of these, but I have a rough idea of what they're worth. (And for stuff that's still available to purchase, I'll sell for below retail value).

Shipping will be included in whatever you offer.

  • PowerPak Lite
  • Enigmacore Prototype (Silver cartridge with hand-drawn label, autographed by k3vbot)
  • NWC 1990 Reproduction PRGE 2017 Edition #4 (green cartridge with dipswitches)
  • Tailgate Party 2016 Let's Play Expo Edition #9/10
  • Lagrange Point CIB Reproduction #24
  • Bomb Sweeper (Very old reproduction circa ~2008. You can tell with the label. Labels have come a long way in 10 years 🙂)
  • 1007 Bolts cart only/insert Standard Edition
  • Nomolos cart/manual Retrozone Edition
  • Goofy Foot Controller CIB
  • Chunkout 2 original run
  • Star Versus cart/manual/sticker/business card
  • Assimilate Limited Edition #56 CIB pre-AVS version
  • Eskimo Bob CIB
  • Earthbound Zero Reproduction from Bishop Bros(top label is peeling up)


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