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The Mutant Virus Strategy Thread (from NA)

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I was asked by someone who's mastered 2000 crabs to repost this.  So here it is!


2012 - khog143 ~ Unsure
2014 - the_wizard_666 ~ a week
2015 - DoctorNick ~ Unsure (about 2 months of playing)
2016 - Bea Iank ~ 11 hours
2016 - Svankmajer ~ a week
2017 - Mexican Runner ~ 16 hours (2 times)
2017 - Guitarzombie ~ 4 hours


Im about to give this another crack just for shits.  I wanna use this thread to devise some sort of strategy that can be employed to beat this game on a semi-regulary basis instead of about the 9 people in the world who have.  (Seriously theres NOTHING online about this game).

First my maps.  Out of the GOODNESS of my heart, I made a map of every level of the game, with the power ups and hazards and yada yada.  Ill be using my maps as a basis for strategy. 

Level 1:
This one is really just a no brainer.  Just for you to get used to the controls.  Nothing to say here, i just always go to the room on the left.  You get a life when you beat the level.

Level 2:
This is where the game all of a sudden ramps up in difficulty out of nowhere.  My strat:

I first grab the green 0 and work on this room.  I ALWAYS seem to have trouble here where I can never clear it quickly.  After some time I go left to room 2. 

In room 2 i use the green 0 in the top right of the level near the green 1.  I then can clear this room out easily.  I go left again to room 3.

In room 3 i use the green 1 ON TOP of the thing shooting out the virus.  This makes clearing the room a breeze.  I then move to the right to room 4.

In room 4 i grab the blue 1.  Theres ONE little square that it seems to be IMPOSSIBLE to clear.  Its whats pumping out the virus.  I think you MUST drop the blue 1 on TOP of this square.  If you miss you might as well restart the whole level.  This room then becomes little trouble with just some patience.  I finally move to the right, to room 5.

In room 5, i cant get a consistant strat.  First i move THRU the virus to grab the blue 1.  I then move back to the thing pumping out the virus.  The same idea from room 4 holds true here, if you miss this you might as well start over.  I use the blue 1 ON TOP of the thing shooting out the virus. This doesnt really make the room easier, just now you have a consistant safe spot.  This room seems to be really challenging and tedious, which is a forshadowing of whats to come.

This is something i did yesterday that I thought worked well, but i just played crappy.

In room 1, i immediately go right for the super gun (red 0) and blast the hell out of that area and hide in there, dodging the CVs.  After a long time once this room is cleared out I go right to room 3.

In room 3 i run thru it just to grab the blue 1 and go left to room 2.  You'll lose your super gun.

In room 2 i use the blue 1 on the virus thingy on the top right of the screen.  Then go back to room 3.

In room 3, with the super gun this room is relatively easy.  After this ill move left to room 2.

In room 2 you'll have your CCV active to take care of a lot of virus.  Use the SG and clear this room out.  You dont
really need to take care of the virus thingy on the bottom left.  After this i grabbed the blue 0 and moved to room 4.

In room 4 I used the blue 0 ON TOP of the middle virus.  This doesnt work THAT well but if you can prevent the virus
from really going haywire in this room you'll be ok and with some luck can wipe this area out quick.   Then I use the bottom left exit and go to room 5.

In room 5 you can clear the virus out mostly with the SG which isnt too bad, just time consuming.  After this grab the green 0 power up go right to room 6.

Room 6 isn't too bad, but you can get tripped up by the SSV. THATS the hardest and trickiest part.  If you die in this room you have another super gun.  If you die again its still beatable (when you die you appear on the bottom right of the level) just takes caution and patience.  Throw your green 0 somewhere in here and get back your SG and clear this out.  The trickiest part is towards the bottom right of the room.  If you die you start there and lose your SG.  Good news is since you die you'll have a sheild and can kinda work around in there.  AND theres an extra SG gun in this room.

LEVEL 4:  Trying this one.
Room 1, grab the SG and just go to town in this room.  This one isn't too bad till you get to the virus in the middle.  Then exit bottom right to room 5.

In room 5, this room is really easy until you get to the middle where the SSV is being a pain in the ass in the middle.  Theres a way to glitch it so they dont shoot SSVs but i dunno how.  After this room is clear, grab the blue 0, and move bottom left.

In room 4 I throw this down over the virus on the left.  Be careful because the proxy SSV on the bottom right will only shoot if you're close to it and spread more virus.  Do it quick and bounce and keep moving right to room 6.

In room 6 this is a piece of cake room.  Grab the green 1 and put it over the virus and clear this sucker out.

No consistant strat.

*Added 2024* After beating it this year.  My best strat is to stick with the room you're in.  If you move thru another room, you activate the virus.  You really have to beat the time for level 5.  So try to stick with one room, and if there is an outbreak, go to it.  If things get out of control, try to counter the virus a little, then move on.

If you're about to die and you have the super gun (red 0 or red 1) try to go somewhere to replace it with another power up.  If you die, you lose your super gun (unless its purple 1 which is only found in level 5).  Your other power ups will stay with you when you die.  The super gun is practically essencial for level 4 and 5.  Level 3 can be beaten without it, but it takes a VERY long time.

The Mutant Virus - Level 1 Map.jpg

The Mutant Virus - Level 2 Map.jpg

The Mutant Virus - Level 3 Map.jpg

The Mutant Virus - Level 4 Map.jpg

The Mutant Virus - Level 5 Map.jpg

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