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All things Sky Force/Sky Force Reloaded--Discuss, brag and share your friend IDs


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For modern systems, the two Sky Force games are, IMHO, some of the best shmups out there.  They are on mobile devices as well as, I think, all modern consoles.  So fire up your favorite current or last gen console and hunt it down.

Prices vary but these games are older (I think they are both over 10 years old?) I think for console titles they are $10.  On mobile devices, it's free with integrated ads however, you can buy every upgrade in the game for under $10 and this increases rewards for buying upgrades and it cuts off all ads.  I know that annoys some people, but IMHO, the company that made this made a perfect balance of how to charge players for features.

I know that for the console games, at least on Switch, there are no micro-transactions.  Maybe you can buy extra stars, but I think that's cheating so there's no need for that.  Anyway, if you've never played these games, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

If you enjoy them, or have enjoyed them, post your Sky Force friend ID and any bragging rights.  Note, for Reloaded, you're auto-matched with your friends in whatever network you're on, so  you'll need to post something like your Switch ID or connect via Messenger for smart devices.  I'm personally not into sharing my cell account info, but y'all do you. 

I had to re-download and start over on the original Sky Force for my iOS device, but I'm slowly working through all of the difficulty levels on all of the stages and I've not maxed out my ship yet either.  Any way, my friend IDs are below.  Let's at least share those, even if you've not played this game in ages.  I keep coming back to these games every 6 months or so.  I was bummed to see I lost my maxed game but, eh, it doesn't bother me.  These are fun games.

Sky Force Friend IDs

  • iOS: 50 18 13 48
  • Switch:  (I'll update this when I get to my Switch)


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