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PS1 SotN Not For Sale disc


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Many years ago, I saw one on eBay from a guy in Canada. I remember he said one of his teachers gave it to him. At the time I didn't think much of it so I didn't bid.

I didn't keep the photo. It seemed to be a normal back insert and manual, and the disc print seemed the same as production too, but had NOT FOR SALE (and maybe something else, can't remember) written on it, sort of easy to miss if you're not looking carefully.

Does anyone have a copy of this? Or have you seen one before? If the box looks the same, it's obviously like finding a speck of gold in a river, and I never really looked for it 😞


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Administrator · Posted

Just double checking to make sure you aren't referencing this audio disc that is commonly misunderstood to be a data disc:


It obviously doesn't say Not For Sale - but I've seen many people think this was a variant or NFS disc of the game, when it is not but rather a bonus audio disc. 

I also assume you aren't referring to a Japan and/or Asia Not-For-Sale disc (with the NFS sticker on the back, and "SAMPLE" written on the inner mould) - these match the regular retail releases in terms of data.

Regarding US SOTN Not-For-Sale, I don't believe I've seen one, so I'm very curious and will keep an eye out.



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Yes, I'm sure it was a US copy of the game, not the music sampler CD. What I can't remember is whether it was the original print (with black disc cover) or the reprint (with silver disc cover).

Sorry this sounds like I had a dream or something, but I really saw it 😄

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