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X Vs. O - Odyssey 2


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Hi all. I'm working once again on the Odyssey 2. I made a short video of what I have so far of this game I'm making. It's Tic-Tac-Toe basically, but that's a minigame. The other 3 banks of the game will be something different, but involving the letters X and O.

I thought I found a bug when I made another video of gameplay, but when I watched the video there wasn't anything wrong. How weird. You can get the rom of the game at the official X Vs. O website.

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Working on the main game now.


So what I'm aiming for is (no pun intended) for the O to move around the screen and the X to shoot it. Sometimes the O will move in a straight line across the screen, sometimes the O will move up or down while moving across the screen, and sometimes the O will move randomly around. Right now, the O will only move across the screen because I haven't gotten to the random movement part yet. So it's basically Space Invaders without the invaders. Because I feel Alien Invaders Plus is way too hard with all those invaders shooting at you. I can't even get 1 point on it!

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I used some more space in the bank where the o zapping game is for the win counter for the tic-tac-toe minigame, so I don't think I have enough room to make the o move randomly around. Plus I just thought of something that will prevent me from doing this: The way the collision detection is set up. Oh well.

Next time I work on this, I will begin the third game: the whack-an-o game. Each bank (approximately) will have 1 game, so I plan for four games in the end. I had to get rid of the "presents" screen to fit some more code in it.

I also drew some artwork. Probably won't be used, but I was bored so I did it anyway.


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