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Clearing House - Framed Mario Strikers Promo Poster (GC) + GBC, GBA, DSi, 2DS, PSX/PS2, Lagrange Point (FC), Others - Make Offers


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Just trying to clear out excess, so trying not to be unreasonable in my asking. I will have basic pics up in a bit, but for now please read the descriptions.

I don't have big money aspirations, so just message me with offers and I'll try and work with you.

Framed Super Mario Strikers (GC) Promotional Poster

I got this poster at a visit to Nintendo of America headquarters in Redmond, sometime between 2005 and 2009. I believe these were the same kind sent out for store advertisement or to promo events. It's a blown up version of the box art, which lets you see all the finer details in high clarity.

I brought it straight home and had it professionally flattened and framed shortly after getting it. The poster has been in its frame since then, and only kept on walls or in storage, out of sunlight/etc. It is thus in really great condition, and the framing work of course high grade.

Please send offers. Understand that shipping will be high cost, but will be well cared for. If you are in Western Washington state, then we may be able to work out local pickup. If you are interested in that then let me know.

More pictures in spoiler below.



  • Pokemon Gold/Silver (NA Version) Game Boy Color - A little paint has rubbed off in places, but overall good shape for this kind of nintendo portable (too often they get rubbed off by normal use) Asking Price: 70 USD
  • Silver Game Boy Advance SP AGS-001 - fully working, bottom of case in rough shape (I think the battery cover doesn't screw on anymore) but the screen looks good and it plays and sounds ok. Asking: 40 USD
  • Pearl Blue Game Boy Advance SP AGS-101 - fully working, good condition. Very little screen scratches. Asking: 80 USD
  • Yellow DSi XL - Japanese Version. A few scuffs on the case here and there, but otherwise good. Everything works as far as I can tell. Installed DSiWare looks to include a daily planner software, a kanji dictionary, and another I don't know about. I can go into more detail if you want to know more. Asking: 40 USD
  • Black/Red 2DS - US system, good shape. Everything works as far as I can tell. Asking: 60 USD
  • PlayStation, SCPH-1001 - Refurbished by Sony at some point. Plays games and CDs, loads memory cards, RCA ports work. I don't see any issues with it. Name your price.
  • PlayStation 2, SCPH-30001 - need to check serial but it is a Fat model. Compatible with FreeMCBoot in case you are interested. Includes Network Adapter. Name your price.


  • Lagrange Point - CIB Famicom cart. Entirely in Japanese. Condition okay on box, manual and cart in good shape. Also includes great condition pack-in letter and advert for other Konami products. Asking: 30 USD
  • Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - DS game, cart only. No issues apparent to me. Name your price.


  • DreamConnect II Adapter for Dreamcast - Let's you plug in saturn and playstation controllers into a dreamcast, as well as keyboards. I found that saturn pads wouldn't support shoulder buttons, but keyboard was perfect and playstation pads did everything I tried without issue. Very nice to escape the crappy dreamcast d-pad for shenmue or MvC2. I have two of these, and I will also pack in a japanese saturn controller with them. These are rare, so I am asking 125 USD each for them.

More to come. Send messages if interested. Thanks all.

Picture Links pasted below:


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