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Contra Force Sealed * Please Authenticate / Buy from me


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Hey, bought this Contra Force and I am wondering if someone can authenticate the seal.  I am a CIB collector and only really have like 4 sealed games, so I don't want to make a mistake and sell this as sealed if it is not.   There is sticker residue on the top corner.  Also , a the wrap has some ridges and deformities, I tried to picture.  It has the H seem back, and I tried to picture the air holes on the bottom third of the front of the box.  Also, I do not want to keep this and will list it for sale or trade.  So if someone is interested and likes what they see, can get it here before Ebay.  thanks


Also, if I need to upload files differently let me know.



CC897DF2-F5E5-4FF1-9197-AEC719A0B2B7.heic A2D9118A-566E-439D-B2F5-1F74D45C4882.heic FD875D14-FA28-4113-954C-1FEB0B08C0D1.heic 55814DA7-8649-4BE8-9845-C7306E33F326.heic 5B69A43F-F9AC-41C6-A826-2606D5CB209D.heic 59DD930B-3737-4429-9E9B-165EEEAF89F9.heic AF1496C6-2A76-44DC-840C-736D8573F474.heic

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