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FT: Earthbound, TMNT Tournament, Dual Hearts, Pokemon, Ys 1&2, and more! Updated 7/19/2020


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I am a longtime NA member (same username as VGS) and ebay seller (username: applejack8706).  I have the below games For Trade only and I have included my WTTF thread below. 


Pics are at the bottom.  Items for trade:

Ys Books 1 & 2 - CIC 


Captain Commando

TMNT Tournament Fighters 

Rocky & Bullwinkle CIB

Barker Bill CIB

Wild Arms CIB

Darkstalkers CIB (uncommon jewel case variant)

Kid Dracula JP (import)


Pokemon Blue

Dual Hearts CIB



My WTB thread: 


My feedback thread:
















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