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Hi everyone, thanks for visiting fcgamer's Shop of Strange and Wonderful Things

First a few notes. rules, and thoughts:

1. If you are overly condition sensitive, please ask for more pictures or request more information before purchasing. Most of the people that I know that collect these types of obscurities are not condition sensitive, myself included, as the items are truly rare and if you want to find a 100% mint one, you might be waiting a lifetime or more. Therefore if I see something truly terrible I'll mention it, but I won't detail every little scuff. That's what the pictures are for. I've never had issues with people getting upset or disappointed with my items, but if you truly only want gem mint, for example, then please ask for more pictures so that we are all on the same page 🙂

2. Everything ships from Taiwan, as that's where I live.

3. Shipping from Taiwan to abroad is cheap. For smaller items, we are talking around $5 - $10. For reference, generally shipping costs would be on par with what you'd pay domestically.

4. Due to Taiwan not being recognized around the world as its own country, sometimes the tracking codes won't update properly. This is generally when being shipped to the States.

5. Due to the coronavirus, I cannot ship items to about 112 countries, due to there being a lack of air links. Shipping to the United StatesEnglandJapan, and Canada is fine, but sadly most of Europe is out at the moment. 

6. Because of number 5, if you are from a country that I cannot ship to currently, we can discuss and work together to find a suitable alternative.

7. Taiwan currently only has 99 coronavirus active cases, with 324 people having recovered, and six dying, for a total of 429 cases total over the course of the pandemic. Therefore, you can feel confident and safe when purchasing from me, any risk will be the same as ordering anything at the moment in your own country, despite it being international. 

8. Prices are not set in stone. For obscure items like this, it's hard to set a price, so please feel free to make offers on items if you don't like my price. 

9. The more you buy, the more you save! I always offer discounts to people that buy numerous items.


Tea-Related Items:

Peeing Tea Mates - $20 per piece

6326838900_1588331760_thumb.jpg 4925346400_1588331770_thumb.jpg 

The figures displayed above are peeing tea mates. You prepare these guys by soaking them in water and then drying them off. When you prepare your tea, by pouring hot water over top of the figurines, it will cause them to "pee" if the water temperature is hot enough, letting you know that the temperature is correct for brewing tea.

The two friends shown above are my own personal buddies, and not for sale; however, if you are interested in something like this, I'll help you to obtain it, and of course give you a choice of styles. 



Big Mouth Billy Bass (Taiwan version) - $For Best Offer

3504937300_1588503663_thumb.jpg 4470254100_1588503666_thumb.jpg 7405646200_1588503679_thumb.jpg 4751722600_1588503681_thumb.jpg 4809338700_1588503685_thumb.jpg 

Here is a Taiwan version Big Mouth Billy Bass. It comes with the box, as well as a manual (in Chinese). Big Mouth Billy Bass has been tested, and works fine.



The Kingdom and the Beauty - $35

9026172100_1588503891_thumb.jpg 7359579000_1588503888_thumb.jpg

VHS tape of the Chinese film The Kingdom and the Beauty. Untested, sold as is.


VHS RoboCop Cartoon Set -$100

These are VHS tapes for a RoboCop Cartoon show. Included are tapes 1, 3, and 4. 3 and 4 are still sealed, 1 is opened but looks to be in great condition. From the boxes it looks like the audio is in English, with Chinese subtitles. These are sold untested, as is, I don't have the means of testing them, though two are sealed anyways and condition looks great.





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