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How often do you have gaming-related flashbacks?  

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  1. 1. How often do you dwell on the past thinking about games from yesteryear?

    • A few times a day - I think I might be obsessed!
    • A few times a week - Can't get them out of my head!
    • A few times a month - Feels good to go back in time, ya know?!
    • A few times a year - I like to look more forward than looking back.
    • Never OR I have poor memory recall

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1. Playing Sonic 1 for the first time ever (Megadrive being my first 16-bit experience). Totally got blown away by the graphics and sound, from the previous Master System experience!

2. Playing Street Fighter 2 on the SNES. No longer the need to spend on coins in the arcades! Also probably the game most played with friends around back then.


- buying Megadrive console with Altered Beast, with my dad.

- being in awe of so many games I wanted to buy in the early 90s, but had no cash to buy them all. I remember the prices back then were comparable to now, which means prices back then were actually very expensive, comparatively!


- Gaming Expo in the mid-90s where they showed a soon-to-be-released Sega Mega CD. The game shown was the arcade shooter Sol-Feace. I was blown away by the arcade graphics and sound quality. That was roughly the time you could say a console could match it with the arcades. I think the price for it at the time when first on sale was something ridiculous like $700-800 AUD. From the mid-90s, that was a freakin lot of cash!

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  • I grew up in rural Wisconsin and lived about 10 miles from the little town of 3,000 people where I went to school.  Every few weeks, I'd have a couple friends over to spend the weekend and we'd get home from school, crack open a couple cases of Mountain Dew and fortress mode in my room playing games.  Those are some of my fondest memories spanning the NES era through the end of the 16-bit era. 


  • I loved wandering through the aisles of games at Toys R Us.  It was such a unique experience given the way they displayed their games with the little info cards and pull cards.  At some point I'd love to re-create that look in a hallway that leads to my game rooms.   
  • From about 1998 - 2008 I owned and operated several game stores and had a blast getting to know so many of the gamers in the community I was living in at the time.


  • Some of my most nostalgic general gaming memories are the Sega CD (it was my first CD player of any kind) and how much I loved the look of it (Model 1) and how much I wanted it to be so much cooler than it ended up being lol.  My friends and I were really into WWF at the time and when Rage in the Cage came out and had CD-quality wrestler theme songs, we were hooked.
  • Also, playing Ridge Racer endlessly on the PS1 and how awesome it was to be able to swap the disc out and race to the music of whatever CD you wanted.  It was like living in the future.
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