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Does Deal or No Deal Special Edition for Nintendo DS fix the issues with Deal or No Deal?


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Sorry for the mouthful of a title but I am investigating this and there seems to be zero information about this online. 

The game Deal or No Deal for Nintendo DS, developed by Gravity-I and published by DSi, is apparently a broken mess. From this IGN Review: https://www.ign.com/articles/2008/01/19/deal-or-no-deal-review-2, "You know what else makes games not fun to play? When they're freaking broken! Deal or no Deal has the number values preset to certain briefcases, which means that every time the player turns the game on, the money is in the same damn briefcase. If you play multiple rounds without turning the system off, the game randomizes the cash values, but once you shut it down, the money goes back. Briefcase 3 always had the cool million, and Briefcase 13 always had the penny." 

Well that's terrible and maybe makes this a contender for the of the Worst Games of All Time. But then along comes "Deal or No Deal Special Edition," which was published by Zoo Games. Unfortunately there's no details on what is different about this version. Was it developed by Gravity-I? It doesn't say. I think the ROMs are different but I don't know how. I'm wondering if it at least fixed the issues with the first version. Does anyone know? 

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