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The Craziest Thing I've Ever Seen In A Video Game: SGDQ Ocarina Of Time TASbot

Code Monkey

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I've seen someone simultaneously play Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! and Super Punch Out with a single controller and beat both but that was nothing compared to what happened with Ocarina Of Time this year at SGDQ.

A glitch was found a few years ago called Arbitrary Code Execution (ACE) where it allowed you to enter inputs on the controller which would be interpreted as byte strings of code and you could then set a pointer to that address in memory and get the game's compiler to run it. It has been used in the past for manipulating Link's inventory but this year they showed off something new. They used an unmodified cartridge and unmodified console but used TASbot to enter a very specific set of inputs to actually create new rooms, new sprites and a new ending to the game with internet connectivity. It's wild, check this out:


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