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Bootleg PlayStation Games ID List

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I sorted through that set of bootleg PlayStation disks that had been given to me for free a few weeks back. While the majority of the disks are seemingly worthless, just being burns without even a proper label or anything, I do find that there is some sort of historical value in the artwork, as the spines will include a translated Chinese name, and in a very Taiwan sort of way, there is an eclectic mix of artwork, stolen across all regions (Japanese, USA, European / Germany, etc). 

That being said, I noticed something very interesting tonight, namely that several of the disks had actual ID numbers on them! So I compiled a list, and when we find more games, we can continue growing this list, as they definitely seem to have been made by the same company, aside from one title (Perfect Golf 2).

CC-025 Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
CC-009 NBA Live 2000
CC-112 Winning Post 4
CC-122 Gauntlet Legends
CC-123 MLB 2001
CC-126 Army Men World War
CC-133 Jimmy White’s Cue Ball
CC-142 ??? (has a jungle theme and an orange snake on the front, iirc)
CC-153 Cheating Mah-Jongg
CC-080 Densya De Go! Nagoya Railroad
HK-0764 Perfect Golf 2
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