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What is the height of a full size n64 kiosk?

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im looking in to possibly getting a n64 kiosk  i was  wondering if any one that owns one know its height and width so i can see if it will fit in my SUV.

also does any one know the going rate for these things are?  the guy wants 3500  for it  its in great shape but  its TV has been replaced.


any info would be appreciated.

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On 6/29/2022 at 7:32 AM, Now get brutal said:

I don't have exact measurements at the moment, but it's just under 8' tall. I have 8' ceilings in my basement and it fits nicely (picture attached)

I'll try to remember to pull a tape and get you some hard numbers this evening.



thank you.  i rented a large suv  and hauled it back from vegas along with a neon nintendo autorized repair center sign.


my ceiling just barely clears  this stupidly tall kiosk.  by 1 inch lol.  its missing the key so i had to order an 80 dollar lock pick just to open and code a new key for it.


btw nice choice  of game to display 😛

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