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nintendo double sided neon sign

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a sign i got in a trade some years ago.  so yeah ive had it awile.  i actually dont remember who it was that i traded with but it was for a snes kiosk lockbox (a metal box that said nintendo the front)  on nintendoage.

i also cant remember if i ever did a topic on this lol.  anyways ever since i got the sign  i wanted to do something creative with it.  so i decided to do a self portrait.  im not sure what inspired me to make this but  the only thing i can think of  is a night terror i had when i was 4 years old.  not nightmare.  night terror. what i remember from that was a AM PM neon sign hanging above my window  and some loud orchestrated music playing.  it doesnt sound scary but for whatever reason i was scared crapless.  and it was a recurring dream too.


the sign is hanging from my ceiling fan  and i used a back black drop.  the rest is photoshoped to make the room seem bigger than what it really is.  and i used my wide angle lens to get the whole shot.





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