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8 Eyes Famicom

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I've been double and triple checking NES win conditions for every game and have come across a unique situation I'm hoping for some help with.

In 8 Eyes after you beat the game you get an ending and then some text challenging you to play the second quest, followed by the code to access the second quest. 

After you beat the 2nd quest you get some text strongly hinting that there is a 3rd quest for you to beat. And there is with the code FINALSTAGE, but the game itself doesn't seem to tell you the code in any way to access the third loop. 

Issue 12 of Nintendo Power has the code printed in the Counselors Corner section, but I'm wondering if any official stuff has information on how to access the 3rd loop.

So I'm wondering if anyone knows if the Famicom version has any different text in the game or if the Japanese manual has any insight into this.

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On 4/17/2022 at 6:58 PM, scaryice said:

TCRF has the the text for the Japanese ending. Just checking the first few Japanese results for 8 eyes, I don't see any mention of different quests. Although IMO, 8 Eyes second/third quests are clearly a NG+ situation.

That's perfect! I assumed that the Japanese version also had the additional quests, but looks like it doesn't. Really appreciate the link!

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