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Which Genesis titles that were in cardboard boxes has solid red tray inserts?


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I've posted a WTB thread on here for a cheap CIB title in mint shape for the Genesis that's cardboard and has the red insert tray.  This is because I have a nice copy of Sonic and Knuckles but the top of my tray is sun faded and I want to replace it.  While searching on eBay for various games (but no where near all of them that came in cardboard) I've noticed something annoying.  All other games with the red trays have a "Genesis" and "SEGA" branded on the front.  It's a cool look, but Sonic & Knuckles is the only game I've found so far that only has a solid red tray, with no text.

So, are there other games that used this same solid red tray?  Am I out of luck and am I going to need to pick up another copy of S&K?  I'd appreciate any guidance because I really want to do a tray swap, but I don't want to do it with the wrong type of tray.

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6 hours ago, DaddyMulk said:

Sonic & Knuckles had a unique tray because it also has a larger cartridge hole than standard trays to hold the bulkier cart. Boxes for S&K by themselves aren’t too hard to find on eBay.

Yeah, I have looked off and on, but they are all rather tatted.  Mine really in great shape, and was likely adult owned... it just set on a shelf where the top was getting sunlight.  The spine is good though so I don't think the shelf front was facing sunlight.

Oddly, this is the second near-perfect game I've found that has has sun damage.  The first was a truly perfect copy of Azure Dreams for the PS1 I found at a thrift shop, but someone had something like another game or book setting over it at an angle, so half the cover was faded, and I mean VERY faded.  I couldn't take that and never found a replacement manual, so I sold it.  I might have to do that for this Sonic.

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