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Found an old Xenogears and FF Chronicles for PS1 - Not sure what to do with them.

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I'd been buying and selling games for a stint around 13-14 years ago and then left for graduate school. I'm visiting home and found a few games in a drawer. The state of selling these games has changed and I've never been a collector, so I'm trying to figure out what to do with them.

Final Fantasy Chronicles (black label) PS1 - Sealed

Xenogears (black label) - Used

Xenogears (black label) - Sealed

Chrono Cross - Used, disc 1 is missing.

4x WoW CE Vanilla - All used, 1 incomplete


Both sealed games have the holographic seals on top them, but the cellophane is different for each. The FF Chronicles, which I know is new (I bought several of them on clearance) has a cellophane that's like folded and sealed on the top. The Xenogears (not sure if I bought this retail or private party) has a different wrap - it's heat shrink wrapped and very tight. I was amused when I found them and decided to look up what they're worth now and it looks like they're all worth a good bit.

I'm not much into sealed games or displaying them (I had a couple of sealed WoW Vanilla Collectors Editions and sold them years ago because I needed the money and didn't see any reason to keep them around) and really don't think I'll ever need them. It does seem like it might be worth holding on to them as investments. Does anyone have any advice on how to sell them if I decide to do so?

Back in the day I just threw stuff up on eBay. But I read about VGA and something called wata and another thing called HA. Are those better venues? And I suppose most importantly - how do I know the Xenogears is legit? Were they all sealed that way? I'm leaving town tomorrow but I've attached a photo. Is suppose I should take a few more before I go.


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The likely scenario with the sealed Xenogears is that someone had that game before you, lifted the case open from the bottom just enough to pop the disc(s) out without cracking the seal and then carefully got them back in, tamping them down on the spindle with something flat. We used to have to watch out for this scam back in the day when I worked at a game store as re-shrinking a game was easy to do even then. That game has that typical Y fold seal common to PS1 games, for both the black label and Greatest Hits versions. If someone else has had or seen a copy whose provenance will show it always had a shrink seal, I'd certainly find that interesting.

Xenogears is my favorite game, and I buy extra copies whenever I see them out and about. I've been thinking about getting a sealed black label copy just to have since I'm so passionate about the game. I used to buy GH copies anytime I'd go to the store near me since they were getting them by the case from SE, and I'd give them to friends who seemed interested when I'd talk the game up.

I think it's super cool that you have 2 copies. Whatever and whenever you decide what you want to do, hit me up if you're so inclined.

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Thanks for the response. The lower seal is just cracked in the middle. There's zero possibility that anything could have been snuck out because the hole isn't big enough for anything to have happened. Xenogears is one of the few square games that snuck past me. Maybe I should keep the used copy and find a psx to play it!

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