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WTB/WTTF Philips CD-i Movies and titles

Chaos Control

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Hello, all: I'm looking to buy or trade for some of the US versions of the Philips CD-i Movies titles, as well as the regular titles and games. If you have any available, please do let me know. I would trade other CDi titles, including very rare ones, or outright buy what you're willing to sell. There's quite a few poorly documented reprints and variants for the CD-i so I look forward to seeing what you might have! 

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44 minutes ago, WarMech said:

The place I used to work at still has a bunch of CD-I stuff for sale in the shop - I'll drop by tomorrow and get you a list after I stop at the post office

Thank you very much for doing that, and if possible could you take pictures of what they have? Quite a few variants exist that a visual observation to notice.

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38 minutes ago, Rudybegga said:

Just games.  Jewel case.  No long box in my collection, but there are a couple at my local game store.  I'll be there in a few minutes.  Do you have any stuff to trade?

Thank you very much for checking on that! I have quite a few rarer spares, though none of the Nintendo titles. Several of the longboxes we're re-released into the jewel-cases and those later versions can be very difficult to locate. You have something desirable and not even know it! 

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