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Two "new" Game Boy games finally available in fully boxed edition: Sheep It Up! and DMG Deals Damage

Dr. Ludos

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Hi everyone!

Some of you might remember my Game Boy titles "Sheep It Up!" (2017) and "DMG Deals Damage" (2019 - 30 years GB anniversary game) that were released a few years ago. The games were available as free ROMs (and they still are!) and also a physical "cartridge only" edition from Catskull Games. Sadly, Catskull ceased its game publishing activities in January 2022. Since then, I've been working with another publisher, Yastuna Games, to have the games available again in physical format. And what took us so long? Well, we designed beautiful boxes and manuals to make the games available in fully boxed editions for the first time!


Of course, the games are still available as a "cartridge only" edition if you prefer. And last but not least, if someone who got the previous "cartridge only" edition wants to upgrade it, we are also selling the package (box + manual) separately too! 🙂

And if you wish to try the game ROMs, you can get there from here:

I hope you'll enjoy this new release, and feel free to ask me if you have any questions!

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Administrator · Posted

Very cool. I love the options you're providing for different types of collectors and gamers, allowing free play of the game itself and tiers of physical items. Especially cool letting people upgrade their cart only copies. Great work! 

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