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Full Page Protectors for things like ads from magazines.


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Hi everyone, new user here, long time NA user back in the day though.


I have a question, and I don't know exactly what to search for, hoping someone here might be able to help.


I have a large collection of magazines that I bag and board, but in the process of collecting magazines for years I also found and purchased a ton of damaged bookes.

What I ended up doing with the ones that were in some way ruined was gutting out all of the good pages to salvage and then tossing the ruined portion.

I've ended up with a really nice collection of pages from reviews and ads to sales sheets and all sorts of cool stuff.


I would like to display and protect these items page by page, and I'm hoping I can find something that's both firm plastic and thin (not an acrylic case).  I know such products exist for collectable cards, and I'm hoping they exist in a larger size.


Here is something I put together many years ago: https://imgur.com/gallery/vdbMI

But I would like to evolve this from a book into a large collection of pages, and the flexible plastic page savers you can commonly find do not do an acceptable job of keeping the pages free and clear of wear and tear.


Here is a good example of a product that is used for cards: https://www.amazon.com/Trading-Protector-Standard-Toploaders-Compatible/dp/B0987CZD4X/ref=sr_1_6?crid=2DWTU943OXSWA&keywords=collectible+card+saves&qid=1644973243&sprefix=collectable+card+saves%2Caps%2C113&sr=8-6

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2 minutes ago, EatingCtrlV said:

The top loaders that I'm finding are more made for the full comic book or magazine.

I'm hoping for thinner ones made for pages rather then books.

If it's the top loader 8.5x11 that are commonly used for magazines, then the stack of them I would need would reach the moon 😞

Keep looking.   I know the thin ones exist because I have a pack that I picked up to hold some video game ads.

Also, they may be hard to find right now; toploaders in all sizes were tough to get for the better part of last year.

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2 minutes ago, EatingCtrlV said:

Perfect thank you, this is what I needed to know.

I'll keep looking for the thin ones.


I don't recall paying that much, but I only think I bought a 10 pack.

Search for "document toploader" or "8.5 x 11 rigid toploader"

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Yah I've seen these or similar things, I'll pick up a set to see if they hold the pages the way I'm hoping they will.

They aren't the exact thing I was looking for, all though until I get a pack I can't be sure how thick they are.

Maybe the perfect product doesn't exist, I'm hoping I can find a full page protector like this:


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