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How did this yellow circle got there?


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I am looking to buy a budokai ps2 copy and found this guy that is selling his. The seal is in pretty good condition, has no holes on it, but I noticed there wasa a yellow circle and asked him if he could send more pictures.


As you can see there is a yellow circle, but is not on the seal and the seal is not broken either. 

What is your opinion on this? In case i grade it afterwards, what would be watas consideration on this? The seal as you can see on the third picture is not broken or damage so i really dont understand how that yellow circle got there, the game is completely sealed on all sides, have the plastic tear on the bottom and the sony info tag seal on the top.

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3 hours ago, FenrirZero said:

It's a printing error, plain and simple.

Printing errors have no impact on overall grades. And because this is tied to Funimation's early days, it might be seen as a more common "error print" variant than anything else to those who collect stuff like this.

that is the only explanation i could find to be honest, the fact that is not printed on the seal and the seal is in good condition leaves no other options...

I think it will be coming home 🙂

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