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I'm sure you've heard about Wordle... but what about Nerdle?


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My wife and I play wordle together and it's part of our morning wake up routine now.  However, she found a math-based alternative.  Surprisingly, it works well!  Basically, you have 8 slots in which you enter 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,-,+,/,* or = and you have to enter an accurate equation.  the equals sign is always a part of the equation.

It's seems a bit of a stretch to solve, but it's actually quite doable.  Check it out and feel free to post your scores (if that's anything you're into.) Anyway, I got my first "in two" win today.


2-11-2022 Results:


My current stats:


And if you've not heard about Wordle for some reason, here is the original game that's started it all.  It was made by a guy about 8-9 months ago for his wife, but it blew up.  NYT bought it from him a couple weeks ago for a cool $1m and they just migrated it to their servers today and reset everyones stats (which I'm sure will anger twitter, lol.)


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