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VGS Weekly Contest - Tournament Round 2 - Excitebike


Event details

Ladies, gentlemen, I hope you are all READY FOR HOT TWO WHEELERS action!

This week the MIGHTY TWELVE will tackle Excite Bike to prove who is the fastest and the best of the lot. The best get the crown, the rest eats dirty.

Here's the rules for this exciting week:

  • Play on Selection B
  • Play all 6 races in a row (this includes the track 1 qualifying run)
  • Take a picture at the podium screen for each race. Make sure you pause the game right after the finish line to be ready to take your pic at the podium screen!
  • If you finish 4th or higher at a race which prevents you to complete all 6 races, add  20 minutes for each of the remaining races to your total time
  • You have a short time to take your picture at the podium screen. It is a good idea to record it then capture a screen from the video footage
  • Lowest time wins

May the fastest racer win!

Here's the current ranking of the competitors after Round 1 :

1st tablew/chairs 20
2nd skinnygrinny 18
3rd bertsampson 16
4th mbd39 14
5th 8bitdontquit 10
6th Richardhead 8
7th JamesRobot 6
8th barrels 5
9th SuperJimtendo 4
10th Ausden 3
12th Californication 1
12th Gloves 1


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