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Error Spotlight Power Drome



Powerdrome was a futuristic racing game first released on the Atari ST in 1998 a bit later for the Amiga (1989) and MS-DOS(1990).
There was also a remake released in June 2004 for the PlayStation 2 , I have yet to play myself .This is the version we will be looking at.
this version is known as Power Drome. While I cannot comment on the gameplay, that's not what we're here for anyway. We are here to look at 
the misprint that is known for this game. It's what is known as a data error. 
Data errors are packaged and sold as one game but the data on the disc contains something else what makes this one more unique is the 
fact that it does not contain a different game , but contains Good Times Season 5 disc 1. This is a very rare type of data errors, it's happened only a few other times. 
This game has been met with a lot of doubts as to the authenticity during this error spotlight I will address some of the comments 
I have received reguarding it. One of the main things I heard about it is the fact that someone just printed a fake label on top of the disc.
I happen to own an original copy and a misprint so lets take a closer look at the two. This will prove that both the discs were made using the same
multi layer printing process. 












I had also  made a short video showing this game booting up can be found here

Here is a look at the identifying rings of the misprint you will notice two rings with DVDL followed by some numbers


This type of data error is extremely rare and has only been documented one other time (Buzz Jr robo jam playing Apocolypto) these appear to be one of a kinds

I have never seen or heard of multiple of the same misprint. My theory is that a blank from the Good Times Season 5 set ended up in the stack to get labeled and packaged
with Power Drome packaging.

Thanks for looking at one of my more odd oddball misprint games you can find more here  https://iamerror.gamehacking.org


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