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Atari Centipede - No Boot




Last repair from today's pile of Centipede boards. This one kept on resetting when it loaded the initial mushrooms.


One thing I noticed is that all the legs on the ROMs were corroded, so first thing I did was clean them using TarnX as the legs were made from silver. Just as a note, the easiest way to tell whether or not the legs are silver are if they turned black from corrosion. Normal EPROM legs will not do this.

Even after cleaning the legs, the game still would not boot, so the next step was to verify the ROM's contents. The way I do this is by using the ROM identification tool at arcaderestoration.com.


The way this works is you upload the dumped ROM files and it compares them against what is found in MAME calculating the checksum. It should match up to something assuming the ROM is in MAME.


All the ROMs matched a counterpart in MAME except for the one at F/H1. From there it was as simple as writing a new ROM. After writing the new ROM, the game booted up just fine!


Solution: Replace F/H1





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