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Pac Gal (Pacman Board Hack) - Video Mess



Here was a quick repair that I did this morning. About a year and a half ago I bought a pacman board that had been hacked to run a version of Ms.Pacaman without the auxiliary board. This was done by adding two extra ROMs and modifying the code a bit. As well as running the additional lines for different enables and cutting a trace so it could address the two extra ROM chips as shown in the bottom two pictures.20200415_224252.thumb.jpg.c1eca40cbfebd4edda381a8eb2e731de.jpg20200921_083336.thumb.jpg.563ccefd6582e75fa82a7db583a8499c.jpg

So I hooked it up for the first time the other day, and saw that there were graphics glitches. There's not a whole lot to say about it, it's just not playable this way.


I made the ultimate decision that this hack wasn't worth keeping and could have potentially been a problem with the ROM chips. So instead of debugging it, I pulled the hack ROMs, put an original pacman ROM set in, and undid the wiring hack. This ended up solving my issue altogether.


What's nice is now I have a bunch of extra 2532 EPROM chips I can use in future projects. I was also sure to dump the ROMs that were there. I'm gonna try to get it to run in MAME at some point just to see if it was the ROMs themselves or just dirty sockets.


Just as a note for those reading these, if you have any suggestions for me to improve these, feel free to post them. I enjoy writing these little repair logs and if I could make them better, that would be neat.



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