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#134 - Genghis Khan



There are several NES strategy simulation games developed by Koei.  For the uninitiated, these games are huge, complex simulations with enough options available to melt your brain.  I'm of course describing myself here!  These games have always been intimidating and ones I thought I might not ever play.  But here's another one!  This is the second Koei game I've beaten so far for this project.  I had some lessons learned throughout my time spent with Genghis Khan that I hope will carry over to future games.

Just a warning, since there's a lot of cover about Genghis Khan, this review is very long, my longest yet if I'm not mistaken.  Grab a cup of coffee before this one!

Full Review: http://takeontheneslibrary.com/finished/134-genghis-khan/




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