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Mine Shaft




Enjoy endlessly falling down the mine shaft!  The music will get stuck in your head!  The controls are simple and tight, press left or right to go in that direction.  You don't even need buttons.

Try not to land on the red ledges, as they will remove one heart.  Always try to have some hearts in reserve in case you must land on a red ledge.  Losing one heart is better than falling into the bottomless pit of game over.

Don't take too long to decide where to jump, because if you touch the top of the screen you will lose a heart.  Other ledges are conveyor belts, those'll keep you on your toes.  Just keep tapping in the opposite direction the arrows indicate if you need to stay on one for a bit.

  Then there are trampolines that give you extra bounce.  Just don't bounce for too long or you will hit the top and lose a heart.

Blue ledges are the best.  They don't convey you, they don't bounce you, and they don't hurt you.  In fact, if you're missing hearts and you land on the blue ledge it'll restore one heart.  Aim for these!

The deeper you can go the higher the score counts up.  Keep falling, safely, for as long as possible to get the highest score.

Thanks NIOREH for the fun game and catchy earworm.



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