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This is about the Nintendo Universe.

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The United Nintendo Federation Council

Here is a list of members of The United Nintendo Federation Council: Cranky Kong (chancellor) Security Wrinkly Kong (chairwoman) Ted Dibiase, Sr. (vice-chairman, chaplain and treasurer) Jerome “Doc” Louis Delia Ketchem Toadsworth Impa Good Guy Lubba Doug Dozer Mayor Squaresly Lady Lima Paluntena Alis Sir Ebrum Mumbo Jumbo Mumba Wamba Coralcola Island Shaman Mand

The Video Game Masters

These are the defenders of the Nintendoverse. Which one is your favorite? Kevin Keene/Captain N (founder and leader) Princess Lana Deschain (founder) Duke Keene (founder) Simon Belmont (founder) Pit (founder) Mega Man (founder) Prince Lyle Deschain Major Domo Congo Congette Mo Crash Game Boy Shadow Mask Carol Eugene Rola Master Higgins Hector (Castlevania) Julia Laforeze


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The League of Darkness

This is the League of Darkness, the oppressors of the Nintendoverse: Main members 0² Aelfric Aesir, The God of Chaos Alchemist Alex Amalgamation Amon Anankos Andross Anglar Emperor Anubis Aparoid Queen Archie Artifice Aion Ashera Aurora Unit 313 Bellum Berserk Leech Hydroe Black Bart King Bowser Koopa, Sr. Cackletta Captain Syrup C


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Nintendoverse worlds

These are the worlds of the Nintendoverse: Palace of Power Metroid Castlevania Megaland Mt. Icarus Kongoland Mirror Zone Bayouland Tetris Shadowlands Netherrealm Ghoul Realm Pencilvania Icicle Mountain Planet Popstar Lylat System Hyrule Lorule Koholint Island Termina Labrynna Twilight Realm Holodrum Hytopia DK Island


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