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  1. A later print because it’s more uncommon?!?  There are less than 20 round seals sealed....total.....in any variant.....cardboard hangtab or not.....there are literally hundreds of oval seals......they were about $600 less than two years ago.....I’m all about rarity.....but to say oval is even in the same universe as round seal is a joke...

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  2. Hello everyone,

    This week, I’ve been going through some of my sealed stuff and have two NES games with some cloudy oxidation on the shrink wrap.  One of the games is quite pricey, and was wondering if any of you have ever used, or know of, a product that can remove or lessen the oxidation without damaging the wrap?  Help please! 🙂

  3. 4 minutes ago, Gloves said:

    Like, I'd love to bid on the Metal Gear Solid graded at 90, but their stupid ass site won't even let me log in. Even resetting my password, just... doesn't work. Whatever.

    I had a similar problem last night.  Found out my username is whatever your email address is w/o the @yahoo/gmail etc.  Somewhat of a pain, but figured it out.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Mr. CIB said:

    Grading AES games would be a total different animal......... and not sure WATA has the experts to verify them. The only thing I could think of that would approach high digits graded would be a  Euro Kizuna Encounter, a Euro Ultimate 11 and maybe a US Metal Slug 1. All of which haven't seen the light of day in years in a open market. Neo Geo AES appeal is worldwide and with some high rollers. It would be interesting to see.

    Ahhh, yes....I forgot about Metal Slug 1.....that would fetch a pretty penny.

  5. On 2/25/2020 at 5:05 AM, c0op3r said:

    Did anyone else see/hear the Pat the NES Punk segment on how WATA slabbed a Prototype that contained a production board?

    We cant call it a fake, but it was not correct, note its not 'graded' but by slabbing it and labeling it a Prototype they basically made a mutt cart have legitimacy in the market.  This does not not look good.

    I find it really funny as I made a thread someplace else about the question of the possibility of WATA grading a re-sealed game as a factory sealed game - everyone on that thread said no that would never happen etc etc.  I think slabbing a Mutt Cart as a real Prototype opens this up again.

    I know we originally were talking about WATA and the prices and turn around but I have to question what is really going on there, I had my game graded and slabbed not for resale but for my own collection, it is nothing rare just a game I like that I think makes a great display for my collection, but I also know that I am not the normal client.  People are paying for this service as a value adder, and if they are making mistake, raising prices and taking forever - it will hurt the collector not help them.


    Side question - WATA does not currently grade NeoGeo AES, what do you think will happen if they enter that market?  I ask this as those carts are already insanely priced (and they are selling, not just asking prices).  If you thought the asking price of a Super Mario Bros @ 100k$ was high, wait till you see a graded, complete NeoGeo AES cart!

    I can’t think of any AES title that would cost over 100k.....but maybe I’ve been away from serious NeoGeo for a bit.

  6. 3 hours ago, jonebone said:

    Is there any data to back this up or just speculation?  I personally wouldn't want either but I also don't think their prices would be that different either.  NS sales have done better than I've expected.

    Thought I don't understand how one would have a "Sealed Game" with "No Seal".  The whole tier may as well just be called "Brand New" at that point.  

    I would always, 100% rather have the seal....even if it was halfway ripped off....and I have one or two of those.  That being said, I agree w/Jone in that there is some appeal.  For me it is the new and untouched contents that are the appeal.  But yes, something such as “brand new” does sound a little more appropriate and straightforward than “NS”.  

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  7. I would agree with hyrulevyse.  Two different grading systems (so apples to oranges), but an 85 usually crosses to 9.2-9.4 A-A+.  Not always though....VGA is VERY strict on wrap.  You could have 8 sharp corners, but a flawed wrap, and grade out at a 70-75.  That same game could crossover at WATA to a 9.4 B as they have completely different systems.  If wrap is important to you, look for 85+ from VGA and you will have, for the most part a mint game.  Look for 9.2 or higher and A+-A++ for a mint WATA game.  If you want pristine, look for 90-100 on VGA and 9.6-9.8 A+-A++ for WATA

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  8. 9 minutes ago, Ninja_xxx said:

    Ya prices are crazy. Every game i want to buy everyone seems to want world record highest price ever paid. 90% is resellers buying high and selling even higher. Such a bad time for real collectors

    I agree, but that Kung Fu Heroes round seal has been tough for years now.  There was one 85+ about 1-2 years ago and the rest of them were beat up copies.  It’s a beautiful piece of art work and an early third party title that has run fairly dry.  I can confirm the copy that he spoke of is in a private collection and not being re-sold.  Sigh....collecting is becoming so much more complicated 😉

  9. Interesting to see how much our beloved hobby has changed in the past decade.  As the title above states, lately, with the addition of WATA and Heritage/Certified Link auctions, along with what has become regular CIB grading, it finally seems to be here to stay (the grading portion).  I remember for years the debate on grading, all of the back and forth between keeping them raw, or preserving them (even opening them to play)....the subjective nature of the grading itself.....yet, despite all of the back and forth.....it appears as though it has become the newest grading normality (CGC, PSA, VGA, WATA etc.) and is more active than ever.  And for the record, although I love the display look of graded games, I still have a few hundred raw and enjoy those just as much.  Grading is here to stay.....the tidal wave has been upon us for some time....and if nothing else....it has changed the hobby drastically.

  10. I have seen some very “well done” fakes in the past 15 or so years....and yes, they may look good on eBay or forum sites, but in hand, it is quite simple to be able to spot  a game that is “faked”.  There are way too many variables to get right, many of which seasoned collectors don’t really share with the collector community.  I don’t think it can be done....and yes, I’m quite aware of counterfeit cards, comic books that have been restored and even coins.....games are just that difficult.....at least when it comes to the older NES/SNES/64 games.  

  11. I have received a very real, genuine, no questions asked, no bs or drama offer of 75k for my copy (and many others in that range) which is not near the condition, 4th print (one code) hangtab that was on the show.  I have zero reason to try and inflate the cost/hype of the game as those that know me and my collecting habits know I only sell when an upgrade is possible and simply don’t want the money more than the game.  There has been a substantial increase and interest in games, particularly high profile sealed copies of franchise titles in the past 12 months.  I would pay a hefty price (not near 1million but more than what it sold for) and it isn’t even close to what it would take to land such a title. The collecting video game market is profoundly different than even 2-3 years ago.  Sad but true.

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  12. I picked up the Bandit Kings for what I thought was one of the few decent prices in the auction.  Overpaid for a few more middle of the roaders that I needed for the collection.  Some crazy prices.....2k for a mint Bases Loaded seemed mind blowing to me.....used to be able to get a black box for that amount...

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