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  1. The silver box set is definitely one of the most iconic! :)
  2. It has the typical box wave with the late releases. No jewel case, so the wrap squeezes the box pretty good. But it’s very nice overall :)
  3. Finally able to track down a copy of a life long TG16 want. Magical Chase
  4. A very hard to find game for the NES sealed. Super Cars :)!
  5. I think it’s time to start sharing some collection games in the “old school” fashion. I need to spend more time on this site. Anyhoo, here is the sealed set of NES light gun games made for the system minus unlicensed. Enjoy
  6. A later print because it’s more uncommon?!? There are less than 20 round seals sealed....total.....in any variant.....cardboard hangtab or not.....there are literally hundreds of oval seals......they were about $600 less than two years ago.....I’m all about rarity.....but to say oval is even in the same universe as round seal is a joke...
  7. Hello everyone, This week, I’ve been going through some of my sealed stuff and have two NES games with some cloudy oxidation on the shrink wrap. One of the games is quite pricey, and was wondering if any of you have ever used, or know of, a product that can remove or lessen the oxidation without damaging the wrap? Help please!
  8. I’m glad Ark is finally back :).......took you long enough!
  9. I had a similar problem last night. Found out my username is whatever your email address is w/o the @yahoo/gmail etc. Somewhat of a pain, but figured it out.
  10. Ahhh, yes....I forgot about Metal Slug 1.....that would fetch a pretty penny.
  11. I can’t think of any AES title that would cost over 100k.....but maybe I’ve been away from serious NeoGeo for a bit.
  12. I would always, 100% rather have the seal....even if it was halfway ripped off....and I have one or two of those. That being said, I agree w/Jone in that there is some appeal. For me it is the new and untouched contents that are the appeal. But yes, something such as “brand new” does sound a little more appropriate and straightforward than “NS”.
  13. I would agree with hyrulevyse. Two different grading systems (so apples to oranges), but an 85 usually crosses to 9.2-9.4 A-A+. Not always though....VGA is VERY strict on wrap. You could have 8 sharp corners, but a flawed wrap, and grade out at a 70-75. That same game could crossover at WATA to a 9.4 B as they have completely different systems. If wrap is important to you, look for 85+ from VGA and you will have, for the most part a mint game. Look for 9.2 or higher and A+-A++ for a mint WATA game. If you want pristine, look for 90-100 on VGA and 9.6-9.8 A+-A++ for WATA
  14. I agree, but that Kung Fu Heroes round seal has been tough for years now. There was one 85+ about 1-2 years ago and the rest of them were beat up copies. It’s a beautiful piece of art work and an early third party title that has run fairly dry. I can confirm the copy that he spoke of is in a private collection and not being re-sold. Sigh....collecting is becoming so much more complicated
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