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  1. I have taken a bath literally 4 out of 5 days this week. I get many comments from my boss questioning whether or not I like men. I have no idea what is behind it... a shower seems like work. I’d much rather sit in my own bath of body soup. It’s just... easy! im currently a plumber by trade. So that’s the only real gripe my wife has.... I mean technically there is probably very small portions of other poo-poo settling in my pores.
  2. Well... it looks like I’m addicted. I sure have missed the community! Ha, to my wife’s dismay I’ve been writing replies while in the bath (weird). She doesn’t quite know what to think of this still. Writing on Nintendo forums, cursing while trying to unlock ancient photo bucket passwords... telling her random stories of an obsessive gaming past. Yep.... maybe I should ease into this, ha! I don’t want to flood anyone with random uselessness but with the current state of collecting and getting into looking at current prices and such made me think about old transactions I use to have.
  3. Man, I tell ya what. I love the house and it’s been a good investment... but I tell my wife every now and again I think I miss my games more! there was this scenario where a well known fella (Shrn* or something to that affect followed by numbers) was incredibly kind and traded me a dead nuts mint/sealed stack up for a mint Zelda cart. He wanted to surprise me and ship it early... I had no idea though, so I wasn’t expecting it yet. I was living in a duplex at the time and it got delivered to my deadbeat neighbors. I think he messaged me about a week after it shipped hoping to have seen a m
  4. Hahaha... I’m telling you the nostalgia is intense! i can’t wait to get a little more familiar with things around here. Some names are more familiar than others. Gull, I remember me and you had a killer transaction set up right before I left. A beautiful MINT urban Champ, balloon Fight and a couple others. It never went through but they were pennies in the dollar now! Crazy! Jonebone, always enjoyed your antics bro. Hahah I remember just giving you a hard time about an ice ice baby photoshoot LOLs. glad to hear from you guys. It’s made my morning! is Jason Smith around t
  5. Me, the Wife-a-rooskie, and a very much demon dog.
  6. Fair. I figured that would be the case. I remember years ago the topic being discussed but repro stuff was in the early years and sellers were still promising to put some sort of addition to the artwork to ensure it was known to be a fake. If nothing else I’m incredibly glad it sparked the idea to check out the old forum. I’m lying in bed with my wife. She has NEVER known me in our 6 years together to be one to be on a forum. She’s constantly looking over like... “what in the world are you doing?!” ahhhhhhhhhhh this is nice and bringing and bringing back a thousand memories.
  7. Soooooo.... a long long time ago I used to be a weird dude with an obsession for minty NES boxes (the black variety especially). Along with being obsessed with perfect boxes I also had a reputation of possibly being the slowest shipper on earth. I mean well, I was 20 something and maybe smoked too much pot. Anyhooooooo understandably I got kicked for my lack of giving a poo. That was what.... nearly 10 years ago. I maybe once every couple years types the ole NA address in the search and tonight that really shocked me. I’ve read up a little on things and got a fairly good grasp on
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