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SNES Sealed F-Zero and Space Invaders


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Selling/Trading these for a buddy of mine. They are in my possession and if interested I can supply more photos. Also, the games with be shipped in oversized boxes and the guide surrounded by Cardboard.


Chrono Trigger Guide- SOLD

Space Invaders new sealed- $100

F-Zero (Players Choice) new sealed- $150

He would be willing to trade for (some would need more money- others more money would added):
Donkey Kong Country 3 GBA CIB
Majoras Mask N64 CIB
Links Awaking (Non-PC) GB CIB
Zelda 2 Adventure of Link GBA CIB
Paper Mario 64 N64 cart only 
Metroid Prime/Zelda Windwaker Gamecube- would be fine with just the case 

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