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D[aw]PCM - A tool for editing and previewing DPCM samples in real time


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Hey, everyone!

I've just published the first version of  D[aw]PCM, a web tool that lets you import .wav files, process them and preview how they'll sound as DPCM in real time.
This aims to improve the usual workflow of importing samples into Audacity, modifying them, exporting them, importing into Famitracker to only then realizing that they don't sound quite as you'd expected and having to repeat the whole process.
It is written in pure JavaScript and should run on any browser supporting the Web Audio API.


It currently lets you do basic editing such as cutting regions from samples and doing fade-ins and fade-outs.
Additionally, it lets you pass the incoming audio through parallel processing chains, which can have the following effects in them:

  • Basic compressor
  • Basic IIR filters (low-pass, high-pass)
  • Waveshaping distortion
  • Brickwall limiter
  • Old-school/Skips samples/aliases like heck-style re-pitching effect
  • Gain

I'm sure it's still full of bugs (UI definitely isn't my forte and I barely know any CSS), but hopefully having instant feedback makes it useful to someone  😃

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