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SLIGHTLY game related story time!


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Hey guys, I wanna hear some stories that might have a slight bit to do with gaming in the real world sense. Example:

One of my best friends got married a few years ago and my other best friend and I were 'co-best man'. I drove in from out of state and we didn't have time to do any proper bachelor party activities. The day before the wedding I pitched that we surprise him with all 3 of us getting tattoos that we had joked about getting in high school- each of us getting a piece of the Triforce. So with that, we all went to a local tattoo parlor and got matching tattoos! The groom, having always had the best grades, got the Triforce of wisdom. My other best friend, being former military got the triforce of courage. I, myself, got the Triforce of power due to my naturally muscular build and general bad-assery (lol). Though it may sound morbid, we made a pact that upon the first passing of one of us, the other two would get the departed's piece filled in. This would continue in turn, leaving one person with the complete Triforce. This will serve not on only as a way of honoring our fallen comrades and carrying their spirit with us, but also one last 'I won' among friends.


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