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[FS/O/T] Nintendo Radar Scope Arcade Cabinet Red 5 Slot #1792- Original, Unrestored, and Complete

Orlandu's Arcade

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Nintendo Radar Scope Arcade Cabinet Red 5 Slot #1792- Original, Unrestored, and Complete

Hello Everyone -

I am offering my original Nintendo Radar Scope for sale. 

For those who do not know the history, this was Nintendo's first true arcade cabinet sold in the U.S. Produced in Qty 3,000 in late 1979 in Japan and shipped over to Nintendo's warehouse in NJ, only 1,000 were sold. Nintendo had to scramble to come up with a new game to retrofit this commercial failure so they could sell the remaining units. Shigeru Miyamoto was brought in to come up with a game that could use the same cabinet, and as a result, Donkey Kong kits were factory retrofitted to the unsold Radar Scope cabinets and the rest is history.

PM me with questions and stay safe! I posted a few photos below, will post more later this week once I pull the machine out of the corner there.

Yes there is a Helifire in the photo, and I would consider selling that too but am not currently offering it up for sale. If interested, send me a PM/Offer and we can talk about it. The Mini-Cute is not for available for sale or for offer.

Asking $3900. I would really prefer a local sale, cash on the panel. Priority will be given to a local buyer but will consider allowing for a remote purchase under certain circumstances.

Details on the Radar Scope:

- Works 100% (Graphics, gameplay, sound - all have been tested)
- Original Red finish on this five slot is unrestored. Some minor bumps/dings/nicks/bruises as expected with age but too minor for me ever to consider restoring this beauty
- Original Sanyo "monitor in a box" is beautiful with no visual burn
- Original 5 stack early Radar Scope PCB. Serial number on the video board is 9!
- Original marquee, colors are vibrant with no visible fading
- Original bezel, with only very minor surface scratches. No noticeable scratches are visible in the viewing area.
- Original Control Panel plastic overlay, with some very minor cigarette burns and other minor imperfections
- Original Radar Scope two way joystick, has been fully rebuilt and cleaned
- Original PP7-A power supply unit is working as it should with optimal voltages
- Original black ISO transformer
- Original Asahi Seiko coin mech
- Original metal serial tag still intact
- Original operator’s manual included
- Original wiring harness installed
- Original Wood control panel and buttons.
- Registration sticker, and insert coin stickers are from Mike’s Arcade.
- Light fixture behind the marquee was replaced with a more efficient LED fixture
- New true flat T molding from Chomping Quarters
- Coin door has been painted and looks great

- Some minor bumps/dings/nicks/bruises as expected with age but too minor for me to consider restoring this beauty. While I would never do it, I understand everyone has different tastes, so if it bothers you fixing the dings is easy with some Quikwood and color matched paint.

I will be listing SEPARATELY some spare Radar Scope parts (PP7A power supply, panel, bezel, marquee).

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