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A shout out to GetTheGregGames! Watch his Youtube Videos!


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If you don't already follow or watch his Youtube channel, you are definitely missing out! I know that he is a member on here and was also a member over at NintendoAge, so he definitely knows his stuff. I just can't believe that more people haven't subscribed to his channel or watched his videos, because he is so insightful about video games and makes awesome videos. I  am always looking forward to his next video to come out during the week (usually 2 to 3 a week).

I love his humor, knowledge of gaming, humbleness, topics he covers and his all around personality in his content/videos. (Kinda like my favorite member on here and back in the NintendoAge days, a very big shout out to jonebone)

He live streams Heritage Auctions every week and he was on his game during this afternoon's auction (or in the wee hours in the night for me in Taiwan). There were times, when I was laughing out loud/in stitches, because he was so funny (especially talking about Barry, those that were watching live on his channel, will know what I am talking about).

In closing, if you haven't checked him out on Youtube, please do so, he is the real deal, knows what he is talking about and as far as I am concerned making the best video game videos out there and yes, that includes Pat the Nes Punk. 

Here is his link. Please do yourself a favor and check him out!


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