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Bootleg GB/GBA games for sale


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Hello everyone, I'm yy小龙虾! I'm going to sell some bootleg GB/GBA games recently. It contains Vast Fame, Sintax, Gowin, Waixing, SKOB and so on. There are plenty of other games for sale, but I haven't sorted them all out yet. So please ask questions if you want something else. You can talk to me about the price, because there's no reference price for these games, I'm will set an initial price (according to the price I've sold these games before). So if you are interested in some items, I am willing to consider the offer. All requests will be taken into consideration. You can reply in the post or contact me on Twitter(@yySintax). Thank you for your attention.
There is one thing I have to explain to you: I am in China, I don't use Paypal and I sell these games on my Taobao store, so you may need to find an agent (such as Superbuy)  to make a deal. Some games have been sold, so please ask me before purchase, thank you!

This is my Taobao store address:


Sintax GB.png


VF GBA.png



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