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Alter Egotist's Sales Thread (Updated 27th May 2021)


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Hi all, 

My collecting habits have changed a lot recently so I'm looking to part ways with a few items.

Currently available are:

1 x WII RVT-R Reader Wired
Includes: 1 x console (PAL) , 1 x wired Wii-Mote, 1 x UK/Irish power supply, 1 x TV lead
Price: 210 EURO ono plus shipping and handling


1 x XBOX 360 XDK With Sidecar
Includes: 1 x console only (PAL)
HDD has a build of a project natal fashion game developed by Virtua Toys and other standard dev software
Price: 250 EURO ono plus shipping and handling



1 x PS3 Debugging Station DECH-2500
Includes: 1 x console only (PAL)
HDD has several builds of Need For Speed: Most Wanted on it. Console has EA asset sticker and network name on it also
Price: 300 EURO plus shipping and handling



1 x OG XBOX Debug
Included: 1 x console only (PAL)
HDD has the following debug software installed: Audio Console App, Dolphin Classic, Gamepad Test, Playfield
Price: 210 EURO ono plus shipping and handling



1 x Wii RVT-H Wireless
Included: 1 x console only (PAL)
HDD has two builds of games developed by Virtua Toys on it but the drive is misaligned/wiped as was common when returned after use. The process of how to restore the drive is documented online and there are tutorials on how to do so.
Price: 240 EURO ono plus shipping and handling



1 x Analogue NT Mini
Included: 1 x Analogue NT Mini Silver Console, 1 x 8BitDo NES30 Gamepad, 1 x 8BitDo Receiver, 1 x Power Supply
All working fully with jailbreak firmware. Does not include an sd card but they are inexpensive and can be found easily online
Price: 410 EURO ono plus shipping and handling



1 x Bundle Of PS2 Dev/Debug Discs

Included: 1 x Aliens In The Attic, 1x Winning 11 7 International X Patch, 1 x Driver Parallel Lines, 1 x Xyanide, 1 x Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, 1 x DJ Hero, 1 x Brian Lara International Cricket 2007, 1 x Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja 5 signed by Manuela Riboldi & 1 x Odin Sphere

Price: 435 EURO ono plus shipping and handling











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