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Nintendo DS NES 20 Years Limited Edition


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I was going through my closet, and i remember having this Nintendo DS edition. Does anyone know what it could be worth?

I tried to search for some info, but i couldnt really find much. From what i know, it was released around 2006 (thats also when i bought it). I mean to remember that it was a fairly limited release. It was most likely released in Scandinavia only to celebrate the 20th years anniversary for NES here.

The content of the package isnt too exciting unfortunately. It cotains a standard black DS Lite, a carrying/protective pouch, and a sealed copy of New Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 1 NES Classic. So theres not really anything unique or special with the content itself. I think the carrying pouch was available seperately as well. I mean to remember that there were two versions, where the only difference was the color of the carrying pouch (i got the pink one, while the other version was grey or black i think).





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