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Want list: RPG's, Consoles, more!


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Hi all!  I typically base offers on what I can find on eBay for sold listings.  If you have something here, please message me with a picture of the item.  I typically only buy items in Very Fine+ (ballpark 8.5 and up) condition, unless stated otherwise.  Current list of wanted items:


- Chrono Trigger (SNES) - complete, including registration card.  I am offering $100 for just the card by itself, if you have one.

- Dragon Warrior II (NES) - complete

- Final Fantasy II (FC) - complete

- Final Fantasy III (FC) - complete

- Mother (FC) - complete

- Revelations: Persona (PSX) - complete


Other Games:

- fate/stay night (JP PC import) - limited edition, complete

- Lethal Enforcers - complete, big box with Justifier

- Snatcher (Sega CD) - complete

- Wanpaku Graffiti (FC) - complete



- Nintendo (non) Deluxe Set - complete in box, including Duck Hunt sticker box and Gyromite sticker box, matching registration and system

- Nintendo Satellaview - complete in box

- Nintendo Virtual Boy - complete in box, intact stand

- Nintendo Virtual Boy - loose w/ controller, must be working, condition doesn't matter otherwise

- Sega CD - model 1, complete in box

- Sega Dreamcast - first release, complete in box

- Sega Master System - complete in box, "The Sega Master System" box

- Sega Saturn - model 1, complete in box


Nintendo Fun Club/Nintendo Power related:

- Nintendo Fun Club binder w/ inserts

- Final Fantasy NES controller overlays (prize from the FF contest)

- Final Fantasy orb prize from the FF contest

- Fun Club red or white Nintendo sweatshirts, t-shirts, duffel bag

- Yellow Rad Racer 3D glasses w/ baggie

- Konami NES posters - Castlevania, Gradius, or entire set

- 3D Worldrunner poster

- Nintendo Power jersey

- Nintendo Power silver jacket

- N64 banana controller cover

- Nintendo Power magazine holders and larger box for multiple holders

- Mega Man X pogs - complete or sealed



Rarities & more:

- Play It Loud promo jean jacket

- Nintendo R.O.B. - box and foam, intact, or complete in box

- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles press kit

- Nintendo Duck Hunt light gun game - JP toy, complete in box

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