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WTB: Various NES, SNES, GB & GBA Boxes & Manuals


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Looking for replacement parts for my CIBs. Looking for around 7.5/10 condition or better depending on price.

Might be willing to buy a CIB just for a nice replacement box if necessary.

Send me pics and your price!


NES (No Mattel or Classic Series)

Super Mario Bros 2 - Box

DK Classics - Box

Legend of Zelda - Box, Manual, Map

MegaMan 3 - Box

Gargoyle’s Quest II - Box

Castlevania III Dracula’s Curse - Box

Ninja Gaiden III - Box

Journey to Silius - Box

Final Fantasy - Box


SNES (No Player’s Choice)

DKC2 - Box

DKC3 - Box

Zelda AlttP - Manual

MegaMan X3 - Box & Manual

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy - Box

Pocky & Rocky 2 - Box & Manual

Secret of Mana - Manual


GB (No Player’s Choice)

Super Mario Land - Box

SML3 Wario Land - Box

Pokemon Blue - Manual

MegaMan 4 - Box

MegaMan 5 - Manual



Pokémon Leaf Green - Box

(Looking for the version that’s neither the original release with the wireless adapter nor the player’s choice)

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  • The title was changed to WTB: Various NES, SNES, GB & GBA Boxes & Manuals

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