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Big Box PC Games (Many CIB)


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Hi All,

I have some big box PC games, most Complete in Box. First time listing here, but I have over 150 ebay sales in the past 3 months, can provide references if needed. I'll work on providing pictures soon. Boxes are in good+ condition unless noted otherwise). Pay is via Paypal.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis CIB (with original receipt from a Best Buy in 97) - $105 shipped

Leisure Suit Larry 5 - Passionate Patti does a little undercover work CIB - $35 shipped

Star Wars Dark Forces (big box version) CIB - 35 shipped

Star Wars Dark Forces II Jedi Knight (big box, box is in okay condition) CIB  - $35 shipped

Star Wars Dark Forces II Jedi Knight (non big box version) CIB - $15 shipped

Space Quest II CIB - $150 shipped

Full Throttle Big box - CIB - $50 shipped

Descent Big Box CIB - $55 shipped

Dimensions for Descent - $25 shipped

Descent 1 and 2 The Definitive Collection - $25 shipped

Heretic Shareware (box and discs. Box is in fair condition) - 20 shipped

Can combine ship a bit, but due to this being big box games, the size of the box matters a lot.

If any pictures are needed before I get them up, let me know and I can try to prioritize those. 


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