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Anyone play the English-patched Star Ocean Blue Sphere for GBC?


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Has anyone played Star Ocean: Blue Sphere?  There are fan-translated carts going around, if you want to play it on console.  I ended up beating it in Japanese long ago (barely understood what I was doing at the time), but I'm really excited that it is now available in English to play in one form or another.

If you have played it, what do you think?  I love how it combines Link's Awakening mechanics (slash to disperse bushes, dash, jump, explosives on cracked walls, side-view swimming, etc.) with Tales of Phantasia-style side-scrolling real-time combat -- and no random battles, either.  I am utterly blown away by it, quite frankly.

And that secret room you can only access by switching your game cart to a classic GBC -- The Game Boy Room, impossible to enter otherwise (the wall is invincible).  Recently someone hacked their way inside on a GBC, and could not open the treasure chests, unless on an Original Game Boy.  I personally think it's one of the neatest Easter eggs of all time, switching consoles to gain access to some of the top items.


Screenshot (8571).png

Screenshot (8573).png

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