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FO: NES-101 console, and Some GBA's


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Looking to get rid of a few extra's I've got.  


1st is an NES toploader.  A/V modded with a 3.5mm phone jack.  Uses a Samsung TV adapter, but will include the one with the console.  There's a bit of a smooth spot behind the cartridge slot where it looks like someone used a magic eraser to clean something.  Otherwise in very good condition. 


2nd:  NES GBA-SP 101.  This is a reshelled GBA-SP.  A note on the screen, if you look towards the top of the screen (near the top exit, and above the gray position map), you might see some discoloration.  This screen seems to have some issues with it, so offer accordingly.  Would be good for an IPS mod



3rd:  SNES GBA-SP 101.  Also a reshell.  The screen on this one seems fine, but to my eye, something seems slightly off about it.  It almost appears like faint scan-lines is the best I can describe it.  It doesn't seem to be major, but just letting anyone know. 


3rd:  ISP modded AGS-001.  Reshelled in a retrosix shell, looks and works very well.  I was planning on adding a USB-C rechargeable battery, but never got around to it.  The battery cover has a USB-C port already cut out of it.  I also have not added the wires for brightness adjust, but will be including them with the console if it is something anyone wishes to add.  


Hopefully pictures uploaded will show.  


If anyone is interested in trades, some things I'm looking for: 

Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 (N64)

N64 Gameboy Transfer pack

Pokemon Platinum (DS) (complete)

(will add more if i think of anything)







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